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Celebrate with new games, new content & new teacher tools!

Kid's College upgraded to our new HTML5 platform at your new access point: StrideLogin.com. If you and your organization has not yet accessed STRIDE, there are just a few things you need to get started.

I've Already Done This, Take Me To STRIDE


1. Your current KC Login & student data stays the same

You can use the same access credentials for all the features of Stride Academy.  All your student data, including student progress in curriculum is already available!  Students automatically pick up where they left off in Kid's College.

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2. Check that your students are using a modern web browser

Stride Academy is built using HTML5 technology so that it works across more devices than ever, including iPads & premium tablets. The best performance on PC will be with the Google Chrome browser.  If your network requires that you use Internet Explorer, you must use IE9 or greater.

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3. Can't connect? Contact your computer network administrator to allow access to our new cloud

Some institutional networks block access to the cloud by default. Be sure you have contacted your network administrator to allow access to the following websites:

stridereports.com (ports 80, 8080)

4.Bookmark StrideLogin.com

You will now access your product via StrideLogin.com. Set your bookmarks to this address.

All Set? Let's GO!